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XISTENT (CZ/SK) profile
Xistent is a Czechoslovakian duo formed at the start of 2019 by Deemay from Brno (CZ) & oNeBeats from Bratislava (SK). Both of them came from different genres:
Deemay since 2015 came threw many drum & bass sub genres, but the was focusing on Hard DNB & Crossbreed, but since 2017 he mainly started to play hardcore.
oNeBeats was always focusing on harder styles, especially hardstyle and it’s sub genres, but after the year 2015 he switched to the hardcore scene and tries to play a colourful set with styles from early hardcore, over frenchcore to uptempo hardcore and terrorcore. Together under Xistent they are focusing on slower industrial hardcore, but you can hear them play uptempo hardcore, terror & maybe industrial techno.