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UniX-Clan (NL)

UniX-Clan (NL) profile

Real name: Maurice Boiloie

Label / Record: D4rk R3cords, Toxic Sickness Digital, Hardest Alliance

Style: Hardcore, Industrial, Frenchcore, Terror


Maurice Boiloie was born in Rotterdam (1980) grew up in the 90's Rotterdam House scene and started vinyl mixing when at about 15 years old. In that period Dutch Oldschool House and Early Rave where very populair and major parties started to arise, like 'Megarave', 'Thunderdome', 'Nightmare in Rotterdam' and lots more.  UniX-Clan finished mixing while starting University, but not listening!

In 2009 UniX-Clan decided to start mixing again, and now plays at several national and international Hardcore,  Industrial and Terror events! 

Events: Game Over Try Again, Annihilation Extreme, Hard en Onterecht, Hard Syndrom and many more!

In the past 20 years his focus got on harder and harder music, starting with Hardcore/Gabber and ending up with the sickest Terror of this moment! And, no! The end aint near!

UniX-Clan loves to play Uptempo Hardcore, Industrial and Terror!

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