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The Apprentice brings you the crunchy fast kicks of gabber, industrial, hardcore techno, frenchcore and terror. Having taught himself to mix with belt driven turntables, two vinyls and a lot of determination back in 2006, he’s now resident dj at Hell is Hard, Contact and Toxic Sickness radio show. Part of the UK based dj and production terror trio UKTM alongside Baxta and Relapse.
The seed was planted with UK hardcore in early 2000. Before The Apprentice truly found his direction he used to take his Walkman to school and swap tapes with friends. Always remembering spare batteries to avoid ever being without his music, the passion was firmly rooted from early days. It was in 2003 that he was blown away by Mark eg and M-zone and began to explore the harder styles.
A North tape pack which he’d bought off a friend purely for the Mark eg, M-zone, Kev Energy and Sharky tapes led him to discover his own style. Not knowing what to expect, he listened to a Dolphin tape and the passion for music instantly developed into an obsession with hardcore techno and gabber. At an age of only 14 The Apprentice was in the making.
Over the next few years he upgraded his setup, built up a vast collection of vinyl and faithfully spent every spare minute behind the decks until his mixing was up to a high standard. Rotterdam Records, Fuck Off Records, Deathchant and Neophyte Records were some of the first labels he found interest in.
It was in September 2010 that The Apprentice was finally born. All the years of self-teaching and persistence paid off as he was booked to play his first set at Repulsion vs South Coast Nutterz. After a well received debut he soon had bookings coming in thick and fast for 2011, in this year he featured on the lineup of many events such as Various, Asylum, Total Barnage, Penetrate, Alchemy Sounds and Hindsight alongside artists such as Alex B (NL), Scorpio and Addiction.
Coming in 3rd out of hundreds of entries in a dj competition for the hugely popular south coast event Contact gave him ambition to push further. Countless demos were sent out to promoters and radio shows across the country and bookings soon flooded in. In 2012 he re-entered the Contact competition and won, resulting in him playing a warm up set for Angerfist which was his personal best ever set.
2013 was another fruitful year playing at events such as Uproar, Ravers Reunited, Horizon and hard as f**k along with his three resident spots. Continuing to advance further into the scene The Apprentice has recently begun a new venture with producing. ‘The Unknown Ep’ released on Hell is Hard records with Chris Relapse is available on
Upcoming bookings include a back to back set with Baxta at Hell is Hard presents Headfuck Records world tour in April, and an exciting booking for Ibiza goes hard in august is set to be one to remember, bringing some hard rough sounds to the sunny party island. This year you can expect to hear his first solo Ep and more from the UKTM collaboration, there’s plenty more to come from The Apprentice.