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Label / Record: Hardest Alliance


The 9th of November 2013 i had my first big booking @ Mindfuckers, as the formation Dos Alcoholicos (with dj Mindscannerz) The recording of the liveset on that party was the real kick off for me as Dj Rampaged. With a special on toxicsickness and later also on the bookings started rolling in.

Producing my own tracks is the next step, my first record will be released some where begin march 2014 its a collab with Frenchcore dj/producer Mycotoxine. I'm really stoked to be a part of The Hardest Alliance and promise to bring a lot of Uptempo Hardcore mayhem, at the party's i play at and a monthly special on Toxicsickness. It's gonna be a great year with loads of fun and new friends. Dj page: <a class="_553k" data-cke-saved-href="" href="" rel="nofollow" rgb(59,="" 89,="" 152);="" cursor:="" pointer;="" text-decoration:="" none;"="" target="_blank">