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RagnaRok (NOR)

RagnaRok (NOR) profile

RagnaRok a.k.a Alex Leficura started the production career in late summer 2011. After some demos a Label from scotland contacted me late in december to give out some tracks. March 2012 his first EP came out called Crusade of darkness on STORM RECORDS. After that RagnaRok did 4 more ep´s for the same label.Then things started a little snowball effect In july same year he visited amsterdam and the famous Thunderdome Radio and played the same week as Dominator festival,and the last time he played there was the last Thunderdome Edition - The Final Exam!

He was also invited to play on Toxic Sickness Radio(Dj Chimera) and The Third Movement (Terminal & Vavaculo show)is more of his merrits! More labels where interested like Braincore Recordings (Speedcore Label ),GGM Raw and the latest edition is upcoming Motormouth Records and The Dutch Label Noisj! Wich there is a realese soon April/May. No more to say that this guy is an upcoming artist and soon playing around the world.

Norways finest Core Definition!

Storm records 
GGM Raw 
Braincore recordings 
Upcoming now is Noisj and Motormouth

Where i have played as a guest: 
Thunderdome Radio 
Toxick sickness 
The Third movement Radio