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Parasite (NL)

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Music has always been a passion since I was a kid. My addiction to hardcore started in 92 with Thunderdome, I was always addicted to the artists who plays fast!
I started as Promoter for Ground Zero and Ruhr G Beat and I liked to do something for the hardcore scene, but I missed something ! I came to parties and I seen other djs playing, I thought i want  to makin my own music so in 2016 I started with frenchcore, I always played fast, and then came the terror, speedcore ! 
That's what I like Xtreme Stylez ! Im a Resident DJ now for Annihilation, I run a sub label now there called Annihilation Xtreme, I work together with lots of DJ's ! like Pressterror, Junkie Kut, Dead N, The Mother Fucker, Extreme Rage, and many DJ's more !!