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Pano-Rmx (SWISS)

Pano-Rmx (SWISS) profile

The passion of djing came when I was at the primary school. We were doing little party with my classmate and I made compilations on cassettes recording sounds on the radio. 

Then when I had my first work in 2005 I bought two vinyl turntable with Final Scratch 2.0. But I really started to use it in 2010. I bought my first hardcore cd in 2003 it was “Hardcore to the Bone VI” but I haven’t friends who like hardcore too so I forgot hardcore until 2009, my first hardcore party. 

Being in this kind of party awake my desire to be Dj so I started really to train myself in october 2010, and I had my first booking in Geneva 1 year later. I change my vinyl turntable some month ago for Cd’s players and since that I play on Usb key. Till 2011 I didn’t stop to play on several party’s. 

I had my first booking on a big festival at the Braindeath festival with a lot of guests star on the Basskickerz area.

I mostly play aggressive Industrial harcdcore and crossbreed at high bpm. And my dream is to be on the most famous hardcore party’s, that’s why I started to produce my own sound some month ago. In december 2012 I started a Duo with a friend of mine Dj Unreal and that’s call : Crisys Core. We are also planing to organise some party’s in switzerland and the name of the orgsanisation is : Other Side.