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Out of Control (UK)

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Out Of Control are 2 DJ's spread from two different nation's, DJ Johnstone was born in Liverpool but moved down to Swansea and Dave Thomas was Born in Swansea. Both of DJ's have different style's to there music but a similar mind on how to mix them in.

How Did We form into Out Of Control?

They got on speaking terms, they listened to each other's music and finally got onto the fact that Dave Thomas was going to be DJ Johnstone's Student. So after speaking for some time, The boys was thinking of forming into Duo DJ's as we both knew that we could bring something unique to Swansea. They was thinking of a few names to call themselves then DJ Johnstone came up with the amazing name of Out Of Control, The boys both agree'd on it so that how Out Of Control Formed. 
We enjoy being part of Toxic Sickness so all of our mixes will be special!

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