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Omistettu (NL)

Omistettu (NL) profile
Bas Westendorp Alias, Omistettu was born on the 24th of February in Leeuwarden.. and now lives in small town called, Akkrum (Friesland) in the Netherlands.
When he was  6 or 7 years old he started to listen to hardcore.. his Dad Always took him to the "FreeRecordShop'' to Listen The New 'Hakken for Kids' 

It started all when an old neighbour gave him one of the First THUNDERDOME CD's as a gift.
Still a big thanks for this or else Omistettu would not even exist.

Omistettu starting out with Playing vinyl records back in 2006, he practiced alot till 2008. He then had his first booking and has  to date played on around +100 festivals and Parties like.  Overstuurd,Partyraiser's Bday Bash(Mainstage 2x), Kings Of Core Festival(Mainstage 2x), Kingzfest, Outcast, Land of Confusion Festival, Play Festival.. And many more. 

His style has changed over the years, much faster, much rougher.. From Mainstream,Hardcore, Darkcore, Industrial,to Terror.. From 170Bpm's to +200Bpm 
His Favo Artists.. Partyraiser, Tieum, F-Noize, Destructive Tendecies, Biorekk, Andy The Core, Angerfist, Pandorum, Nosferatu, System Overload, Tommyknocker, Streiks&Kratchs Unexist, Maddog, Neophyte, Terrox, Twist, Spinello, T-kick, Spitnoise, HelterSkelter, EpicNoise, Aggressive etc.
His Favo Labels TraxTorm,Industrial Strenght,Enzyme,Neophyte,TiH,MoH,Toxic Sickness Digital,Darkside Unleashed and PartyraiserRecords,

Omistettu has been on line up's with big artists like:
Partyraiser,Fnoize,DestructiveTendencies,Angerfist,Maddog,Amnesys,Peacock,Lunatic,DayMar,Tommyknocker,Ophidian,GTownMadness,Promo,Re-style,Tieum,NoizeSuppressor,Darkraver,The Outside Agency,S'aphira,BuzzFuzz,Drokz,Noisekick,Dyprax,Kasparov,Endymion,Bass-D,Outblast,Negative A,Chrono,Vinyl Junk,The Demondwarf,Spitnoise With MC's Like MC Tha Mouth Of Madness, MCTha Watcher,MC Drip, MC, Triggah 

Now a days he DJ's a lot for Toxic-Sickness radio,
The Owner ''Allan Smith''(DJ TERROR) gave him the chance to be a Resident DJ for this radio station.

Also he is working a lot in the studio with his mate ''Daniel Lehbergen''(Basetronic) who is  a good Producer from Germany but also a good friend so more to come in the future.. to be continued!!!!