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Nuke (BEL)

Nuke (BEL) profile
In 1997 Joeri Van de kerckhoven aka "DJ Nuke" began his dj career.
Back in the day he played oldskool/early rave to millennium with vinyl.
He plays a variety of electronic music ranging from Early rave, oldschool,
mainstream hardcore, industrial hardcore, crossbreed and terror.
Although Joeri has been a "slave to the rave"since he was a little kid 
and when he first visited a hardcore party his heart was bound to his biggest love, Hardcore music!
He has been to all the biggest, baddest and most hardcore events and he
realised his dream would be to play at these massive hardcore events!
In 2005 he came up with the name "DJ Nuke" from then, 
he played on variety events like:

Hardcore Universe
State Of Core
Cherry Moon Events
Hardcore mainiacs
Shock Noise
Hardcore Bassment
Q-Bus Hardcore CafÈ
Noize Suppressor & Friends
5 Years fresh beats

Nowdays DJ Nuke is busy producing his own tracks.
In 2015 he released his Solo EP on Corebass Society Records called "Transform Ep"

And later on he made a collab with system overload (Burnholio) released on Megarave Records

He also released a colab with Lost Origin on Darkside Unleashed, a colab with bartoch on FOOTWORXX,
a colab with lenny dee on ISR 25 years 
More tracks are coming your way
So keep an eye and two ears out for some fresh new kicks 

For bookings or more info:
Extra links:

. . . . . . . .. . /Ø/)
. . . . . . . . . /Ø ./. . HARDCORE
. . . . . . . . /. . /. . . . . .WILL
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