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Mykoz (BEL)

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Mykoz is 32 and lives in Antwerp Belgium, he fell in love with hardcore in 1999 and started playing with vinyl, he was already loving the harder tracks way back then. To his regret he sold all of his vinyl when he was 18, and buried that dream he had cause of lack of time.

12 years later he started mixing on a controller again, and fell in love with the harder styles, just like 14 years earlier. Now he only plays industrial, crossbreed, and Dnb. He likes it Brutal !! He also recently joined CORE events! For the past year he's started producing as well, he released his first EP (collab) on Noisj with a Spanish artist called Noizy Bombs in Novembe. He has a few potential tracks for release soon... Expect some shows every 8 weeks, and you can expect absolute brutality in my upcoming tracks... Sincerely yours Mykoz