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Moz-B (UK)

Moz-B (UK) profile
Moz-B first started DJing in his local youth club at the age of 13/14 in 1987 playing chart music. Then he started listening to House in 1988 and soon became fascinated in experimental music. It was not long before his obsession grew with Techno and jungle surfacing in the early 90s and from late 92 he started on his quest to perfect his mixing and immersing himself in the various genres and styles which were taking over.
From mid 1993, which was when he got his first official gig, until mid 95 he was a regular face at many events around the North East and also clocked up a number of residency slots at a number of the well known venues in the region.

In 1995 he made the decision to stop playing Rave, Jungle and Techno and concentrate on playing House, Progressive House and Trance. Later that year he got his first show on Radio. Sadly in 2001 he went deaf in one ear and decided to hang up his headphones and sold all his beloved vinyl and equipment.
Fast forward to 2008 and he was bitten by the music bug once again and he started playing music again and doing OldSkool and house mixes and passing them about until 2013 when he started playing on “House Masters radio” for a year then went  to Trax Radio. After 2 years he then moved onto play at Radio Saltire which went on to become a FM station.
In 2014, Moz-B played his first live gig since 1998 at Elements of House in Gateshead playing Soulful House and did a number of nights with them until 2016. The first OldSkool event he played at was Metro Reunion 9 and then was booked for the 10th reunion.

Moz-B also played Old Skool at AudioGroove in Aril 2016 then went onto playing at Bac2Basics big event at the Classic Grand in Glasgow on the 11th April 2017. Next event he was playing at was Inception at John Browns in Clydebank on the 25th March 2017
In 2017 he and 3 fellow djs started “Wanted” at a venue in Newcastle and had 2 Old skool events. He also played at Happ'e'daze’s 4th birthday in Sunderland in 2018, Atmosphere in Birkenhead as a winner of The DJ competition, 90s mania in Hadington and Various Bac2Basics events in Edinburgh and Glasgow to raise money for Radio Saltire.
Moz-B is a multi genre DJ which loves music. He has a wide range of music tastes and loves to play all things oldskool, DnB and also house from 1977 to date.