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MisStroke (HU)

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I have been an active member of the hardcore scene in Hungary since 2012. I stood behind the DJ counter for the first time in 2020, I liked it so much so, that I decided to take it it more seriously. My mentor, Dr. Folli helped me a lot with this.
Music is not a stranger to me, I learned to play violin for 8 years as a child. This background helps a lot even though I'm dealing with a different type of music these days. The Dark Risin' team gave me my first opportunity.

I was featured in Dark Risin' TV's Fresh Meat edition. After that, the Hungarian Hardcore team offered the opportunity to join them, I first played music in their live streams, then later I performed at several of their parties. Outside of their events
I occasionally visit the Maaskantje series of Savage Tales.
If it's hardcore, for me it's industrial and crossbreed.

In my sets, I always try to introduce new music to the audience as well as older tracks.