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Lady Bex (NL)

Lady Bex (NL) profile

Lady Bex; The Princess of the Core!
Without a shadow of a doubt, this lady is one you definitely need to look out for.

A woman who loves to combine the forces of (Uptempo-)Hardcore and Crossbreed into one smashing set. 

Since the first time she stood behind the decks, she has gained a lot of respect from the crowd, and she has performed at many events, such as Falcon by Cyndium, Radiate’s B-Day Bash, Overstuurd and many more. With a monthly residency at Toxic Sickness with the Toxic Ladies Show and a regular guest at The Distortion Show on Hardcore Radio she has her fans spread all over the world and has built up a real name in the Hardcore industry.

The rush began when the legendary Partyraiser played her Internet Friends/Psycho Bitch bootleg on the Harmony of Hardcore festival back in 2013. Nowadays she has releases on labels like Partyraiser Records, Toxic Sickness Digital, Dutch Gabber Network and more to come. Now signed at CVM Bookings, part of Cemon Victa Music, she has got a bright future ahead.

The world has become aware of her strength and enthusiasm for Hardcore. She’s pure filth to the bone, a true crowd pleaser. She plays everything with passion and dedication to the true meaning of the core.
Don’t think that women can’t play it hard, because she will prove you they can do it harder.