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Graat (NL)

Graat (NL) profile

DJ Graat (Gerard Visschers)


The name came from the very first party, when the record was playing named: Chosen Few – Name of the DJ. Everybody shouted “DJ GRAAT “ And the legendary name was immediately chosen not by the Chosen Few but by the audience!

DJ Graat is consistent with his love for music all of his life. He is been involved in music as long as he can remember and especially his love for Hardcore! When DJ Graat was a child he would put cassette tapes together from his Father with all of his favorite music, the radio played everything he liked and so his love for recording and mixing had been born.


In high school it really started to kick of when he knew he would be a DJ for life for the hardcore scene! He met someone who had more experience and the chemistry began, they soon became best friends with the same passion for Hardcore. After he visited for the first time the house of his new best friend he was totally sold to all the gear and equipment that was over there. It was a dream to work with all of this equipment.

The time had arrived that he could afford his own DJ set, through a friend of his he could procure a set for a good valued price and the marriage between DJ Graat and vinyl had been fulfilled! After purchasing 2 brand new Technics SL 1200’s the love for the hardcore scene only grew stronger and stronger.


The styles of music where the heart of DJ Graat belongs are Oldschool & Millenium but his absolute favourite will always be and remain Early Hardcore! Thank you for reading my biography. Love to all of my fans!