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At a young age Freek Vergoossen was intrigued with music. In 1994 he heard hardcore for the first time and was immediately drawn to the hard kicks and uplifting melodies. Soon he started experimenting with some old turntables and the dream of becoming a dj was born. After a couple of years he also started to learn how to play the guitar and keys. With no musical training he learned to play them by practicing day in and out. His love for music grew and with that the diversity of different genres like drum and bass, hip hop, metal and house. Because he wanted to be more diverse he started to beat match different genres and got an interest in turntablism. 

After practicing for a couple years he got his first residency at the age of 16 and more bookings followed. Through the years he got picked up by more organizations and played allot of gigs as a house or drum and bass dj, but the love for hardcore was still there. In 2006 he started to organize the 'HardBeat' and 'Up Yours' parties in the south of the Netherlands and with this he created his alias dj 'DC'. He loves to combine mixing styles and influences from different genres into energetic dj sets. Uplifting melodies, hard kicks and a bit of dark roughness are what describe his style the best. Playing sets on 'Masters Of Hardcore Radio', 'HardBeat', 'Up Yours', 'WWWMB' and winning several dj contests he got booked more and more.
The artists that have influenced him emphasize the way he has developed his sound as a dj and later on as a producer. Dj Promo, Ruffneck, Ophidian, Tha Playah, The Viper, 3 Steps Ahead, Qbert, dj Shadow and Noisia are some examples of artists who really inspired him.      
Freek also wanted to make his own music and express his musical ideas, so he started to work with Ableton. From house, drum and bass to dubstep, he often teamed up with S.E.B.. Eventually this led to projects like 'Woofer Junkies', 'House Monkeys' and 'Twisted Maniacs'.

Eventually he gave hardcore a try, this was where his heart was all along. After years of practicing and learning more and more about producing, techniques and sound design he met Rob Papen. What started with a big learning curve and doing some sound design and beta testing finally led up to becoming a part of the team. The concept for RAW came from dj Promo and Free-K and after pitching this idea to Rob, the dream came true. Besides RAW he also collaborated with Rob to make RP EQ and more will follow in the future.  
Freek was producing more and more which finally payed off in 2014 when his remix together with S.E.B. of 'Ruffneck - Wraith' got released on 'Tainted Audio'. With this release also his new artist name was born, 'FREE-K'. This inspired him to work even harder and pursue his dream of releasing hardcore. He started building a professional studio at home and tried to get his productions to a higher level. In 2015 another dream came true when he teamed up with dj Promo to create 'Fading Away' for the album 'Analog Mind In A Digital World'.

Now working hard on new tracks Free-K is evolving his sound and more releases will follow!
In juli 2017 he joined Toxic Sickness Radio as a resident dj and will provide a monthly hardcore packed show for you. Expect energetic and diverse mixes including (new) hardcore, millennium and early hardcore, be sure to tune in on UK's finest and hardest radio station!
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