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Djane Enigma (NL)

Djane Enigma (NL) profile
ENIGMA is a female DJ from the Netherlands. Her style of DJ'ing can best be described as 'keep it clean, keep it original' - where it can be one thing to use as many effects and tracks as possible in order to build one's sets, ENIGMA likes to give each composition the room it deserves.

Therefore ENIGMA chooses the tracks for her sets very carefully and only uses those where she feels that (what she calls) '100% Wow-factor'.

In addition she always tries to mix tracks that naturally harmonize and fit for each other rather than having to mask switchovers with lots of different effects. In her opinion: if tracks can be matched without necessarily having to use effects, it creates the nicest 'flow' for the listener.

ENIGMA has shared the stage with well-known artists such as Sinister Souls, Thrasher, Dither, Lucy Furr, Nicon, DJ Hidden, Chain, Angernoizer etc and has so far been invited to two PRSPCT Radioshows. Upcoming gigs in 2016 will (amongst others) be: with Original Sin (Austria, May 2016), PRSPCT (Netherlands, March and June 2016), Drum N Bass In Yo Face (Netherlands, March 2016), Decibel Outdoor Festival (Netherlands, August 2016), Younity Festival (Austria, August 2016), Plan B (Austria, August 2016) etc.
An upcoming highlight is PRSPCT XL in December, where ENIGMA will perform amongst Black Sun Empire, Audio, L33, Gancher&Ruin etc.

Drum and recently wrote an article about her in an interview:

Currently ENIGMA is busy in the studio writing her first own tracks, with Drum n Bass-legend 'Nymfo' as her coach. Expect her debut album 'Sex, Drums & Bass' to be Drum n Bass/Neurofunk with a Rock n Roll-edge! It is expected to be released next year.

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