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DJ Probert (UK)

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DJ PROBERT : Has been involved in the UK Hardcore / Terror scene for 20 + Years starting back in the days of STEAM /NORTH RADICAL TECHNOLOGY / HELTER SKELTER TECHNODROME / VIBEALITE ...and many other pioneering Clubs of the UK Hardcore Techno scene . Influenced by The Dj Producer / Scorpio / HMS / Loftgroover many years ago , he started buying Deathchant Records and then began mixing Hardcore Techno and occasionally making tracks here and there .He then got into the Early Terror side of things with the likes of Industrial Strength / Delta 9 / Nasenbluten ect ....And has been mixing those styles ever since . Only recently things have started to take off for him with becoming a resident DJ for Toxic Sickness Radio, Annihilation Radio and Digital Gabba Radio.... ...And he has also had 2 tracks released on The Goth Chronicles and Digital Gabba Radio .