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DJ Kurrupt (UK)

DJ Kurrupt (UK) profile

Dan Joyce AKA Kurrupt has been DJing and producing since 1996 and is also the Owner of Kurrupt Recordings / Bass Jump Records and Kurrupt Recordings HARD.

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Kurrupt has been around in both the hardcore techno scene and drum & Bass Scene since the late 90s playing along side some of the biggest DJs in the world today. He started off in 1994 on some battered belt drive Numark decks playing alot of Dutch imports like Ruffneck / KNOR / Dwarf records and carried on to enter DJ competions to gain recognition - even got to the UK finals in Birmingham in 1998. He now DJ`s up and down the country playing some massive raves and free parties.

Main influences being Andy C, SRB, Loftgroover, Mampi Swift, Enoid, Noisekick, Tripped, Ruffneck, Orphidian, Outside Agency, Pendulum, Angerfist, Drokz and The DJ Producer to name a few.

Kurrupt has a very unique style - Hard and fast! - Terror / Gabber / Speedcore / Hardcore Techno / Breakbeat Hardcore as well as Drum And Bass.

Hes a Resident DJ on Toxic Sickness Radio, you can catch his show the last Monday of every Month.

2012 has been a big year for Kurrupt both as a Producer / label owner and as a DJ. Kurrupt Recordings HARD was launched at the biggining of the year with over 40 releases from Kurrupt and new up and coming artists like The Vinyl Raider / Falling AByss / Hard Desse / Tha Peacemaker / Danny Ovington / Medical Fluid Project / SkullFuck3r / Braghetz / Rado plus many more all leaving there mark on the scene - doing well in both the Trackitdown and Hardtunes Gabber / Terror Charts. Big Things planned for 2013 !!!

For Booking Info contact Dan Joyce -

For label info or to send a demo -

TSRDJ Profile:

Kurrupt Recordings is a Record Label dedicated to the HARDER styles of Dance music. From Hardcore Techno to Hardstyle to Drum and Bass. Established way back in 1996 Kurrupt Recordings early releases were mainly Hard / jump up drum and bass / jungle with the 1st Release "traffic Cops" that was mastered at the Phil Collins / genesis studio and cut onto Vinyl. All of our older material will soon be available for Digital High Quality Downloads.

Kurrupt Recordings HARD is the sister label consisting of Hardcore techno & Gabber with lots of new and exiting material for 2012!

We have a large back Catalogue of Tracks that will be getting re-released as well as Brand new material from New up & coming Producers , not to mention some more established names.

Kurrupt Releases in 2012

DJ Politics (KRH) 
The Golden Child (KRH) 
Cocaine - Kurrupt (KRH) 
Somebody that I used to know - Gotye (Kurrupt Speedcore Remix) 
End Credits - chase & Status (Kurrupt Gabber Remix) 
Ket Mess (Hell is Hard Records) 
Brain Damage (Neutralize Records) 
Werewolf (KRH) 
Blind Fold (Kurrupt Recordings) 
F**K the DJ (Kurrupt Recordings) 
Funky Shizzle (Kurrupt Recordings) 
Never Coming Down (Kurrupt Recordings) 
The Future - Falling Abyss (Kurrupt Remix) 
F**king Cunt - Danny Ovington (Kurrupt Remix) 
Traffic Cops (Bass Jump Records) 
Bass Addiction (Bass Jump Records) 
Bring the Beats Back (Bass Jump Records) 
Lucifer (Neutralize Records) 
Count to 10 (Bass Jump Records) 
Them Flavours (Bass Jump Records) 
The Devil Tricked the world (Bass Jump Records) 
Serial Killa (KRH)

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