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DJ Extremist (UK)

DJ Extremist (UK) profile
Dj Extremist first started listening to hardcore Techno in 98/99 in his brothers bedroom and really took a liking to the music but was too young to to out raving, so he continued to listen to and collect tape packs..
He went to his first rave in 2002 aged 15, it was a amazing experience getting to see the Dj's who he listened to growing up doing their thing LIVE, He started learning how to mix on his friends decks but knew he had to get his own.
He finally got his first pair of turntables in 2005 which is the year he got his first booking at a friends local night called Horizon in Liverpool... Also on the night was Dj Scorpio, Vortex, Dolphin, Tugie, Bigworm. he has also had the pleasure in playing on the same line up as the DJ Tommyknocker, Radium, Dj Producer, Negative A, Scorpio, Vortex,Mindustries, Ophidain, Tieum, Sickest Squad and more..
Since his first Horizon gig he has become a resident at Horizon and thats where he staarted building a name for himself. 
he got another booking B2B with Dj Cocky at Freeformation and since has been getting alot of bookings like Totally Lost It..

His big break come in 2009 in H.T.I.D in the sun where he played B2B with Dj Cocky and made such a impact the promotors give him a chance to become a regular with a booking at HTID v UPROAR ( event 34 ) 3rd october 2009 B2B with Bigworm where he got his name on a pack for the 1st time..
he then got a booking at the next HTID v UPROAR (event 35) 6th march @ custard Factory where he got his name on a second pack and will be one night he will never forget.
he also got booked for HTID warm up to the sun (event 36) B2B teck-nick @ 02 Academy in Birmingham 2nd May and its all got bigger and better from then on.

Hes played at some of the Biggest events in the UK such as, North, Relentless Hardcore, HTID in the Sun, Uproar, Horizon, Energy Island, Freeformation, Twisted & Darkside and more!!!!!!!!!!!