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Bels ON (FRA)

Bels ON (FRA) profile
Born in 1989 at New York city he is living now in the south of France, BELS ON really began to love electronic music at the age of 16 when he started to go to clubs & raves.
He joined the French HardTechno crew "Advanced Beats" in 2010 where he started to promote with them the HardTechnomovement new generation in south of France.

Influenced by some references DJs as Pet Duo, Du'Art, Torsten Kanzler, Greg Notill, Jason Litlle, Instigator ,Arkus P, OBI, Svetec, DJ Hammond, Buchecha, Monster Mush, Unexist, Mat Weasel Busters, Detest, The Punisher, le Bask, Dr Peacock , The Sickest Squad and many more. 

He start to find his own direction of music style.
In 2012 he played HardTechno in big club and events as Inox club, MAD Fest, el Rachdingue Festival, Advanced Beat Festival and already with his reference artists.
2013 he get some international gigs in Portugal in Lisbon at Respùblica da musica, wharehouse, Op art, in Germany at Koln Bogen 2 and Elektrokuch, in Spain for Nit i dia, Up load Bcn, and a lot of club all around France at Inox toulous , Inox montpellier , CO 2 Club Beziers, Indigo Club, White club , Duo dance From Paris and many more...

He confirm his skills in 2014, where he played in festivals as Selvatek & Endless Project.

Bels ON joined in 2015 the Trivial Bookings team for share with them in worldwide his own style between HardTechno & Industrial.