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Name - Allan Smith/DJ Terror AKA The Purist
Age - 32
Location - Newcastle - UK
Time DJ`ing - 18 years,16 years in clubs/partys
Styles played (DJ TERROR) - Mainstream Hardcore,Gabber,Hardcore-techno,terror
(THE PURIST) Drum & bass,oldskool
Radio website
DJ Terror Facebook Artist Page -
Twitter - @thedjterror

*DJ Terror Promo Video/Footage From Distorted,Newcastle*

Deton8 Digital - Label Owner
Neutralize Records - Label Owner
Toxic Sickness Digital Co Owner
Toxic Sickness Radio Co Owner

Primary email - (Bookings/general info)
Deton8 Digital email - (Track submissions/general info)
Toxic Sickness email -

From the age of 13 `DJ Terror` has been heavily influenced by
music. Since breaking in to the hardcore scene in 1997 he has
played most of the major events in the UK aswell as hundreds
of smaller events.

His DJ sets alone are recognisable with his cutting and
chopping style of mixing/crossfading no matter what he plays.

`Terror` turns his hand to most forms of pounding
hard music with Gabber and Hardcore-techno being a favourite
of the harder styles.

*UK Bookings* - Quality Control Agency
*European Bookings* -

Over the years he has gained a nice following
with a loyal fan base.

You can catch him bi-monthly at Distorted
in Newcastle where he has a residency playing most
forms of hardcore.

From being so hooked on drum & bass and most genres of early 
rave music since being a young kid in 1992/3 its been a major
passion of his which has evolved in to his `Purist` alias.

He is the owner of Deton8 Digital which is a multi-genre digital
label which launched December 1st 2010. He also has
another label specialising in drum & bass,jungle,breakbeat
& oldskool called Neutralize Records and has Toxic Sickness
Digial which launched in 2013.

You can also check out which is
an online radio station that he co owns and coming soon
he has his own brand of `Toxic Sickness energy drink` due out.

In no order what so ever here are a few of the events
he has played at/for (in the UK/Abroad)


  • Judgement Day-Newcastle (Resident 1997-2000)
  • Judgement Day-Scotland
  • Judgement Day-South Shields
  • Uproar-Birmingham
  • Fantazia-Manchester
  • HTID in the sun-Lloret de mar,Spain
  • Lennins-Liverpool
  • Revibe-Newcastle
  • Stompin-Northamptonshire
  • Hard En Onterecht-Holland
  • Rigormortis-Nottingham
  • Distorted-Newcastle (Resident 2009-present)
  • Ukscene @ Mood basement-Buxton
  • Relentless hardcore-Bristol
  • Invasion-Newcastle
  • DJ Marc Smith`s birthday - Bristol
  • Ravers reunited (North arena)-Leicestershire
  • North 14 Return to the asylum-Bristol
  • Norths 15th birthday - Bristol
  • Hartimz-Liverpool
  • Relentless hardcore statement of intent-Bristol
  • Raverbaby-Birmingham
  • Neophyte records tour-Newcastle
  • Twisted + Brainfire-Scotland
  • Deformation-Newcastle
  • Sectioned-Manchester
  • Blue-Whitley Bay
  • Sessions-Newcastle
  • Section 18-Bristol
  • Revibe-Newcastle
  • Distorted vs Hostile-Newcastle
  • The Final Judgement day-Newcastle
  • Vuzz-Newcastle
  • Camden Palace-London
  • Reaction-Liverpool
  • Envy-Newcastle
  • Hard up north-Newcastle
  • The Pleasure dome (North arena)-Skegness
  • Destination-Newcastle
  • Ukscene @ The Venue-Long Eaton
  • Shaggys-Whitley Bay
  • Headrush-Buxton
  • We call it hardcore-Huddersfield
  • Revolution-Newcastle
  • World headquaters-Newcastle
  • Industrial strength records tour-Newcastle
  • Fuggles-Bedlington
  • Gifted-Wales
  • Ukscene hard-Huddersfield
  • Totally Ardcore-Bristol
  • Enigma-Newcastle
  • Horizon-Birkenhead
  • Evil Zone-Leeds
  • Absolution-South Shields plus many,many more !

He has played on numerous internet radio stations such as

Over the years he has DJ`d alongside the likes of Mark N,Scorpio,Ophidian,DJ Tense,The Outside Agency,Mark EG,Ruffneck, Panic,Neophyte,Evil Activities,Headbanger,SRB,Lenny Dee,Noisekick, Dolphin,Loftgroover,Matt Green,Detest,Bass Generator,Negative A, Deathmachine,DJ Freak,Tones,Andy Vortex Brisk,I:Gor,Igneon System, The DJ Producer,Unexist and many more!



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