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Sc@r (Australia)

Sc@r (Australia) profile

DJ Sc@r (Australia)

Available For UK Bookings Via The Quality Control Agency

Styles played: Happy Hardcore / UK Hardcore / Gabber / Oldskool

The Australian-born DJ burst onto the scene in 2006 and is renowned for running Scarred Digital and performing across the globe playing Happy Hardcore through to Gabber. This lady has made her stamp on the rave scene!

She has performed around the world in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, Belgium, Sweden and Spain! Her reputation has lead to bookings all over the UK at every major event including HTID, Hardcore Heaven, Fantazia, Fusion, Firewall, Uproar, Raver Baby, Spunky, Horizon, Subbsonic and the UK’s longest running dance parties Raindance and Dreamscape. Her largest crowd to date is DJ'ing in front of 20,000 people at Wembley Stadium for the internationally known event 'Color Run’.

Performing on radio has always been close to Sc@r’s heart. She was resident on London pirate radio for 6 years on Eruption 101.3FM and also made a guest appearance in 2011 on BBC Radio 1 during Kutski’s “In New DJs We Trust”. 2017 brings new residency shows on Toxic Sickness and Kniteforce Radio plus regular guest shows on Hardcore Overload 89.3fm

Hardcore Heaven Breakthrough DJ award winner and launching her own hardcore label, Scarred Digital, both in 2012, Sc@r’s productions can be heard over many hardcore labels such as: Lethal Theory, Kniteforce, Future World, Executive Records, CLSM, to name just a few. Since earning her first vinyl release in 2007 on Raw Elements she has collaborated in the studio with a variety of artists. It wasn’t long before her name was featured on many album compilations including the internationally respected Bonkers and Hardcore Underground. Today she is affiliated with the ever growing 'Future State' working on albums, podcasts, TV interviews, tours and releases.

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