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Marc Smith (Scotland)

Marc Smith (Scotland) profile

Marc Smith (Scotland) 

Styles played: Hardcore / Hardstyle / Dutch Hardcore / Old School

Marc Smith is available for bookings via the Quality Control Agency

Marc Smith’s legend in hardcore music is as vast, intricate and as expansive as the hardcore scene itself. From humble beginnings working his first set of decks as far back as the late 80’s to present day commitments commanding the concrete shattering cheers from jam packed arenas full of ravers in his native Scotland, the UK, America and Australia alike; his name is one that goes hand in hand with the very makings of hardcore itself.

The proud winner of Scotland’s Best DJ, seven years in a row, Marc’s blisteringly loud hardcore creations in the studio have seen him foster many a release through not only his very own Notorious Vinyl label, working closely with the likes of Darwin, Gammer, Sharkey, Scott Brown and co on a variation of releases, but also a number of other top flight labels - marking over a decade and then some of quality, hallmark production. These would include early rave anthems like ‘Pump Up The Noise’ and ‘Boom N Pow’ and still now at the dawn of a new decade, his unwavering approach to a room rocking release still stands strong with tracks like ‘Can You Feel It’ and ‘Building Shaker’ doing dance floor damage at every event Worldwide. 

He’s been responsible for contributions to just about every compilation album you can think of including Bonkers and more recently the incredible Hardcore Underground CD compilation series and this is only matched by his work with fellow brother in rave and production partner Jay M, who he collaborates with as Force 9 providing the faces of the forefront of the Notorious White division of the company, which focuses on forward thinking and energetic hardstyle releases.

It is no surprise then, that when all this is taken to a main stage of an arena in any one country he plays in, upholding regular slots and residencies at such events as Hardcore Heaven, Ravers Are: and HTID and overseas residencies like Ravers Only in the USA - that his performances are energetic, pounding, technical and informed in such a way that his following have stayed true to his cause for the best part of twenty years and counting. 

Notorious by name and nature, welcome, to the World of Scotland’s finest hardcore export… Marc Smith.

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