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Loftgroover (UK)

Loftgroover (UK) profile

Loftgroover (UK)

Styles played: Hardcore Techno / Gabber / Terror 

Loftgroover is available for worldwide bookings via the Quality Control Agency 

Loftgroover is a name which is synonymous with the UK Hardcore Techno movement since its inception. Lofty (as his friends and fans call him) career started out in the late 80s playing at a small London club run by Danny Rampling, and recalls probably his first Techno gig at the infamous ‘UFO Club’ in Berlin at this time.  While he was in Germany he stayed at someones house and shared a room with a short guy who introduced himself as “Richard" they got on fine and a few days later "Richard" said...."hey, i'm going to a music conference to try to get my record signed...this one is for you".

"Richard" put the track in a record envelope and wrote these words on the front.

"To not open until christmas...from....Moby!” Yes....that guy that Loft had been sharing a room with was Moby, and they remain friends to this day.

Tony's first vinyl releases were in 1992 on legendary Oldskool Hardcore label ‘Basement Records’ as Techno Bros (with Jack Smooth aka Ron Wells). Around this time when Breakbeats and Jungle was making an Impact in London clubs, Tony as well as playing this style (his way), found himself drawn to the European Techno sound from Belgium, Italy and Holland. 

Tony was working in London- based shop 'Dancefloor Records' and had access to a wealth of exciting fresh music. He soon found himself making trips to mainland Europe to buy records for the shop direct (and himself) from the big distribution companies and record labels of the time like R&S, Big Time, Music Man, Hithouse and MidTown. On these trips he made friends and contacts with many of the biggest players in the industry. Loftgroover his slant on the emerging Hardcore and Rave sounds at the original parties such as Energy Street Parade (Switzerland), Biology, Knowledge, Sterns and The Rocket. 

Loftgroover has always has had a unique and creative tune selection and mixing style, with an arsenal of exiting new harder music at his fingertips. Lofty's style evolved as did the scene and he quickly found himself not through intention one of the hardest Djs on the circuit. As Hardcore and Techno grew in popularity Loftgroover sets stood out from his peers earning him a massive following in the UK with regular appearances at every major event such as Helter Skelter ‘s Technodrome (Resident), Dreamscape (Resident), Rezerection, Judgement Day, Steam, Death Row Techno, Nosebleed, Vibealte, the Fubar, Fusion, Kinetic and many more.

In 1995 Tony started and released (with Vince Watson) on his own record label 'Redhead Records' under various guises such ‘Agent Loft’ & ‘The Mania’c, ‘Zeed’ & ‘The Red Team’. The label had 5 Releases including remixes of his famous track "Kneel Before Me" by the likes of Lenny Dee, D.O.A and Alex Reece.

In 1997 Loftgroover found himself the unwilling focus of a Daily Star front page "scoop" about "Nazi gabber hell" menacing Britain. The Star printed a badly informed article falsely linking Gabber / Hardcore Techno music with neo nazism and white supremacy. Something which in fact there has never been a link in the UK. Loftgroover's names was mentioned automatically being one of the most popular Djs about. The article writer obviously did not bother to do his research and failed to notice Loftgroover was in fact black.

In the late 90s Loftgroover's BPM's were getting faster and beats more furious. Lofty had started to incorporate screaming guitars and dropping full on Death Metal tracks by bands such as ‘Morbid Angel’ in to Dj sets at raves. Loftgroover style was being called 'Speedcore' and in terms of Djing he was one of the leaders in the genre. In 1998 Lofty was asked to compile and mix a double CD UK compilation, one of the first and only major releases of this kind of music in the UK. The CD titled 'Speedcore' featured key Gabber, Hardcore Techno and Speedcore tracks from 1993 til then.

Throughout Loftgroover's career he has played to crowds of 40,000 but he has no ego and is just as in his element playing in a small underground club. Tony like all pioneers loves good music and as with all good Djs loves every minute of being behind the decks. 

In 2011 Tony refuses to be tied down to one style but follows and plays various types of Underground Music including Hardcore, Industrial, Breakcore, Techno and Drum & Bass.

While Tony took a few years out to personal & family issues he is back more wild than ever, so in 2011 look our new mixes, new bookings new tracks, and possibly a new label!

Loft has been around since the original acid and house days and has gone on to play and be accepted and even have radio shows at the highest levels in several musical genres....some have already been mentioned and include ukg where he had a weekly garage show on ice fm and has friends including Scott Garcia, Sticky, Spoony, Tuff enuff Brown EL-B, JJ Louis, Sunship, and Grant Nelson to name a few.

Tony also had a weekly DnB radio show on Rude fm and was a regular at premium DnB events and his close friends include...Fabio, Grooverider, Heist, A-Sides, Goldie, Doc Scott, Mampi Swift, Ray Keith, Brockie, JJ Frost, LTJ Bukem, Bailey, Alex Reece,.....and the list goes on and on.

He (Tony) was also part of the trio that was the techno team known as "Knowledge" with Colin Dale & Colin Favor and i believe at the time he was managed by Carl Cox.

It is unheard of for a Dj to have crossed and joined so many musical boundaries but he (Tony) has. And as usual he always he tends to play tracks that nobody else plays.

Named as one of the top 20 Dj's to have influenced the music scene (DJ mag) and voted best foreign DJ (In a Swiss poll at streetparade 94) are among honours bestowed upon him.

Tony also worked at Swag records a major player in the Tech House Scene.

Fast forward to the present you can now find Lofty playing house & tech house or more specifically Gangsta House & Gangsta tech house and he has a weekly radio show playing those grooves.

Did we mention that Loft was also a player in the days of breakbeat, Jungle & Jungle techno?....well yes...he was one of the originals

Loft has a massive worldwide following and an abundance of friends in all genre of would literally take weeks to write everything about him.

To book Loftgroover email