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DJ Addiction (UK)

DJ Addiction (UK) profile

The Dj Addiction (UK)
Available for bookings via Toxic Sickness Artists

DJ Addiction is an industrial / hardcore techno DJ from the depths of mid Wales. He spent many years partying in the 90’s and in this time he spotted The DJ Producer playing at the Universe event, as DJ Addiction recalls “the best music was being played”.

In 1995 Ian invested in some turntables and began to try and emulate the hard edged sound The DJ Producer was pushing at the time, Ian first played out at the Asylum in Hereford where he was a resident with DJ Lomas, this led onto playing the North Dogs Bollox DJ competition in which he won! Following on from this he met Andy Bowler and many booking requests started to come in. Ian Addiction has played pretty much every major rave organisation in the UK and was a North resident DJ.

Ian has also played some very special b2b sets with some of the UK's finest hardcore DJ's like Andy Vortex, The DJ Producer, Scorpio, Tones, Deathmachine, and Dolphin.

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